Richard Cresswell Sculptor inspired by nature

Parasol is a kinetic sculpture, it stands 2.1 metres tall with a span of approximately 1.2 metres .

The base is intended to be sunk in to the ground 10 cm before attaching the sculpture.


Parasol and RJC small file

The inspiration for Parasol comes from many things the main one being the Chinese parasol made 2000 years ago of silk and later paper and its used in Chinese and Japanese folk dance.  I knew it had to be elegant calming and peaceful to me and . I gave the stem of the sculpture a red tint as a nod to the colours symbolic meaning of good luck and happiness in both cultures. The piece seems to bring a sense of calm to most who see it in almost any weather or lighting conditions.



The inspiration 

I have been mesmerised by starlings as they collect together in the evenings just at dusk creating their beautiful shapes in the sky as they  try to stay together for safety, as a predator finds it much more difficult to attack a Murmuration than a single bird. At the slightest breeze the murms wander around following tiny air currents then as the winds increase become more regimented all changing direction in unison like a flock of starlings. the tree form was the obvious shape for the piece right from the first day and each has its own style and character as I create a new piece. 

I always make a few Murms touch so that they talk to each other as the wind moves them adding a further element to the piece.

I have made them in various shapes and sizes for clients but as a starting point I offer the Bush at 1.5 m and the Standard at 2.1 m high both having 90+ Murms


This piece has been with me for several years and this is its third version becoming more complex becoming more complex each time. It is a 10 metre long stainless steel strip which I then introduce many curves and twists non of them are constant and all have to be pleasing and balanced to my eye before I feel I have finished. this version is asymmetric so you wont get the same view as you walk around the work until reaching your starting point. the piece if caught by a gust of wind will set up various complex motions suddenly adding another dimension to the work. I tend to leave some of the welds unpolished as they have their own beauty 

It is a freestanding piece which stands 1.2 tall x 1.2 wide x 0.7 metres deep



This sculpture like all my work is about curves, the curves I saw created by the sail edged, the curves found in the sail cloth and the lines of the hull when I saw an image of an  America's cup race boat from the 1920's. I thought I would attempt to recreate this in a material which would allow the viewer a glimpse of those shapes whatever the wind or sea conditions, by using mirror polished stainless steel the curves are taken a stage further by curving the landscape reflected in piece. to really bring the work to life I mounted it on a bearing so that it will weathervane in to the breeze and show a different profile each time you see it.

Square Pear

This work started like so many others as an observation while making something else, I was cutting a pear shape from a piece of pear wood from a fallen tree which a friend had given me, after cutting the rough shape on the bandsaw to start carving a small memento I stopped and considered this shape in front of me. It took a lot of work to perfect it then transpose it to metal but I am always pleased when I make one now and then. As I walk around the piece it always amazes me how many shapes I find in its curves. the piece is 2.1 metres tall but I did create a 2.5 metre version for an exhibition where it won the public vote.  

2.5 metre Square pear


I have made animated sculptures in water before and listening to a lot of radio while I work seem to keep hearing about cluster bots a group of small robots who work as a group to perform a task but are autonomous.  Obviously my mind started wondering how this translated to my work and Reeds were the result!

I am thinking on how I can evolve the piece like humans to come from the water to the land now, we shall have to wait to see how this evolution goes.

Here is a small gallery of older works which I still like.

I am doing some much needed maintenance and updating of the site at the moment and add some new content, there are 3 maybe 4 other sculptures to be added all new for 2018 so please check back soon and take a look. 

If you would like to contact me please send me an email and i will reply as soon as I can.

Thanks Richard

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